Residential Construction

Oceanside Builders is founded on the idea that quality built structures are usually cheaper to own and operate in the long run if built using sound building science and engineering practices. Since we do most of our work on the coast of Maine we have learned how to execute the details that will survive the elements, and ensure leak-free windows, doors, roofs and foundations just to name a few.

We are thoroughly fluent in all modern energy-efficient building practices such as geothermal, solar, ICF foundations and more. Please review some of the services we provide below and give us a call to discuss your upcoming new construction or renovation.

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Remodeling and Renovations

Kitchen Remodel
Bathroom Remodel
Home Additions
Energy Efficient Remodeling

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Property Maintenance

We take care of anything that can go wrong with your home and property while you are away so that you are worry-free and can return with peace of mind.

We are committed to the long term durability and beauty of our client’s properties.

Our caretaking team provides on-going maintenance and on-call service for our busy clients. This ensures that all aspects of ongoing maintenance, from cleaning gutters to servicing the boiler, are performed on a regular basis.

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