Property Maintenance

Winter Property Maintenance Midcoast MaineWe take care of anything that can go wrong with your home and property while you are away so that you are worry-free and can return with peace of mind.

We are committed to the long term durability and beauty of our client’s properties.

Our caretaking team provides on-going maintenance and on-call service for our busy clients. This ensures that all aspects of ongoing maintenance, from cleaning gutters to servicing the boiler, are performed on a regular basis.

This is also an ideal service for people who live elsewhere in the winter and have a second home for summers on the beautiful coast of Maine from Freeport to Boothbay. We can get your snow removed, make sure your pipes don’t freeze, pull your docks and floats and put them back before you arrive in the summer, etc. Additionally, our caretakers are available 24 hours a day for emergencies such as storms and power outages.

We would be happy to maintain your property as well. Please call 207.837.5955 or email.

   "As primarily seasonal residents in Harpswell, your property management service has allowed us to remove all of the stress of second home ownership. Knowing that you are checking on the house throughout the year and especially during and after storms, we enjoy great "piece of mind". Since you address any problems that arise and coordinate the various home service providers (cleaning, maintenance, plumbers, electricians, etc) it is a tremendous convenience for us. Especially since our primary home is 159 miles away and we travel significantly throughout the year." - Bruce and Kimberly Sachs