New Home Construction

Oceanside Builders is founded on the idea that quality built structures are usually cheaper to own and operate in the long run if built using sound building science and engineering practices. Since we do most of our work on the coast of Maine we have learned how to execute the details that will survive the elements, and ensure leak free windows, doors, roofs foundations just to name a few. We have a very diverse list of services we are able to provide for clients as listed below:

  • All aspects of building permit approval process
  • Building site layout to achieve the desired view, best drainage, aesthetics, and ordinance compliance
  • Septic system design approval
  • New home and remodel Design and Drafting services
  • Engineering and installing an alternative energy heating system
  • Ground source heat pump heating system also loosely referred to as geothermal heat pump
  • Photovoltaic electrical system
  • Battery backup electrical system
  • Direct digital equipment control systems
  • Structured wiring systems
  • Wet basement issue resolution
  • Existing structural deficiencies we usually can creatively resolve and correct
  • Design and build docks, floats, mooring systems for marine applications
  • Standby generator system sizing and installation

We consider it a privilege to work with you to create the home or addition you have been dreaming about. Call 207.837.5955 or email us today!

"I would highly recommend Oceanside Builders for any new home construction or building renovation. We receive countless compliments on our home. Many people say we have kept our home in character with the island and have elevated the value of the surrounding area." - Al and Julie Holowack

Renovations and Remodeling

There are a lot of old homes and cottages in Maine that need to be renovated or remodeled. Sometimes it is updating a kitchen or adding or remodeling a bathroom. Maybe putting on an addition or a garage. Our experienced crew can help with any size project.

Sometimes the home may require extensive renovations as it may have been purchased as a second home or vacation home. Often, the owners are located out of state. They need a builder they can trust in their absence. We have a lot of experience in working with 'absent' home owners and we know that communication is the key!

"Trust – Being so far away from the project, not able to watch the daily progress, it was of ultimate importance to us that we knew we could trust you. Not only could we trust that you would make the right decisions structurally and cosmetically for our home, but fiscally as well. We cannot emphasize enough how relieving it has been to know we could trust you to make good decisions on OUR behalf in our absence.

"Quality – More than we ever expected. Every detail impeccable in our home. Your carpenters, painters, landscapers, electrician, plumber and so many others who worked under your direction have been masters at their craft. You hold a high standard and it clearly shows.

"Patience – Each time there was a delay, you remained in close communication with us and your suggestions enabled us to think a little longer about what we really wanted long term. This house will be comfortable and usable for many, many years to come. You responded positively and creatively to the flow of new ideas and related changes that are inevitable in any new project as it develops. The give and take always led to a net improvement. "

~ Roger and Meg Poor

Sustainable Living

traditional shingle-style Maine home without a boiler built by Oceanside Builders

At Oceanside Builders we work with you to provide the home or renovation you are looking for. We are current on all environmentally friendly building materials and would love to work with you on creating an energy-efficient home.

Imagine having a home in midcoast Maine without a boiler or oil furnace? The home in this picture does not have one. Looks like a traditional shingle-style Maine home but looks can be deceiving as it is extremely energy efficient.

Some of the processes we have worked with include ICF foundations, solar and geothermal installations. We pride ourselves in creating unique and innovative structures.

Inspired by the incredible scenery from our Bailey Island location, we can provide you with a home that will delight you for years to come and be a legacy for your children.

We would be happy to discuss your next building project. Please call 207.837.5955 or email.

   "I have worked with Eric on a number of residential projects and can unconditionally recommend him to anyone seeking the services of a general contractor. He pays attention to detail and produces very high quality work. His experience and attentive manner are valuable to any architect or homeowner in the early stages of the process where he often solves problems before they come up. Once under construction, he will follow through and get things done in a timely manner. There are few other builders who are as capable of producing work in the highest level." - Robert S. MacNeille AIA

Before and After Home Renovations

Before and After of Cottage Renovation Before and After of Cottage to Home Renovation

Cottage Interior before Renovation arrow from before to after renovation Cottage Interior after Renovation