We are thrilled to have some of our properties featured in magazine articles.

Maine Home & Design December 2015 coverA recently renovated cottage project of ours was featured in Maine Home & Design's December 2015 issue. This project was designed by architect David Matero and constructed by Oceanside Builders.

This former cottage was extensively renovated into a year-round home full of cottage charm!
(See more pictures here.)

Maine Home & Design March 2009 Home Theater constructed by Oceanside Builders
This Home Theater designed and constructed by Oceanside Builders  was featured in Maine Home & Design magazine.

Read another article about it in TechHome Builder magazine.

What Our Customers Say About Oceanside Builders:

   "I wanted to take a moment to thank you for building our home on Bailey Island. We are thrilled and delighted with the house. It is well over a year later and we love every aspect of our home. In addition, we have had no problems and are thankful for that.

"With a very small piece of property, you were able to advise us on a design as well as utilize every inch of space. As our house was being built, we were able to see that the materials used were of fine quality. The work crews were efficient. Our experience was a very positive one.

"I would highly recommend Oceanside Builders for any new home construction or building renovation. We receive countless compliments on our home. Many people say we have kept our home in character with the island and have elevated the value of the surrounding area."
- Al and Julie Holowack

   "We have been able to count on Eric's thoughtful planning, careful budgeting, timely scheduling, meticulous attention to detail, regular communication, and well–developed ability to bring us bad news couched within a range of reasonable alternatives. For example, if a planned project prices out beyond our expectations, Eric usually has a good sense of how to achieve our key objectives within the target price range."
- Bradlee and Anne Howe

   "As primarily seasonal residents in Harpswell, your property management service has allowed us to remove all of the stress of second home ownership. Knowing that you are checking on the house throughout the year and especially during and after storms, we enjoy great "piece of mind". Since you address any problems that arise and coordinate the various home service providers (cleaning, maintenance, plumbers, electricians, etc) it is a tremendous convenience for us. Especially since our primary home is 159 miles away and we travel significantly throughout the year."
- Bruce and Kimberly Sachs

   "I am an architect practicing in Essex Massachusetts and Bailey Island, Maine. I have hired Oceanside Builders to do work on my own house as well as collaborating with them on design/build projects for other clients. All of these experiences have been very positive.

"I have worked with Eric on a number of residential projects and can unconditionally recommend him to anyone seeking the services of a general contractor. He pays attention to detail and produces very high quality work. His experience and attentive manner are valuable to any architect or homeowner in the early stages of the process where he often solves problems before they come up. Once under construction, he will follow through and get things done in a timely manner. There are few other builders who are as capable of producing work in the highest level.

"It was in working with Eric as an architect for Eric, where he was my client, that I gained the best insight into his talents. For his own house, Eric extensively researched and planned the use of the latest, and most viable. "green" technologies to create a very efficient system to insulate and heat the house. This was not an easy task as our design for the house is traditional coastal shingle style and it was a significant challenge to sympathetically work in the use of alternative technology. But he managed to accomplish the feat and his house reflects an exciting vision for what future energy efficiency could look like."
- Robert S. MacNeille AIA

   "I would always recommend Oceanside Builders to anyone looking for a high quality company for their projects, and am looking forward to working with you on future projects."
- Donna Grady

   "Trust – Being so far away from the project, not able to watch the daily progress, it was of ultimate importance to us that we knew we could trust you. Not only could we trust that you would make the right decisions structurally and cosmetically for our home, but fiscally as well. We cannot emphasize enough how relieving it has been to know we could trust you to make good decisions on OUR behalf in our absence.

"Quality – More than we ever expected. Every detail impeccable in our home. Your carpenters, painters, landscapers, electrician, plumber and so many others who worked under your direction have been masters at their craft. You hold a high standard and it clearly shows.

"Patience – Each time there was a delay, you remained in close communication with us and your suggestions enabled us to think a little longer about what we really wanted long term. This house will be comfortable and usable for many, many years to come. You responded positively and creatively to the flow of new ideas and related changes that are inevitable in any new project as it develops. The give and take always led to a net improvement. "
- Roger and Meg Poor

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